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Tony Hawk

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Last night: saw Ray "I don't do Instagram" Barbee at @joshfreese's bday bash. Think of your favorite band. Now picture Josh playing drums for that band because he probably has.

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Tony Hawk
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jkbsgl 1358131831
Got ray barbees autograph awhile back
darnell79 1358134106
Come on Ray! You love photography!
tforddrums2 1358226641
Josh is a monster behind the kit for whoever (and tints right, its been almost) anyone who's ever mattered!
_creature_of_habit_ 1358290023
Although it seems like a hundred years ago, I remember Ray's first board. It was my way to and from school
elliottparker98 1358458516
You are my idol.
radicalshift 1358673859
@beaubrennan " don't do instead" but got several of Ray's boards on his wall. Think of you all the time ray.
radicalshift 1358673876
rgpf2003 1358791251
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