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Ryan Clements

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When I was in LA last week @childhobbs took the crew to Lincoln Park, but we got sidelined due to the rain. Next time...

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Ryan Clements
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strombolislayer 1357960228
dam I glanced at this and thought it was your driveway with wet cement haha
rtclem 1357960848
Almost @strombolislayer...
That is a fun park, @rtclem Next time you are in SoCal stop by @auratrainingfacility for a shred
childhobbs 1357961320
Can't say I had the best of luck being a tour guide...
scarekodee 1357961528
So fun!
matthewadamsharkey 1357963493
Thought this was your driveway looking towards the street?! Ha!
rtclem 1357996861
Damn close @matthewadamsharkey, but towards the street is uphill from the house. Ha.
hellonwheels 1359259536
Gigantic Wet Skatepark Tour '13
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