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Phillips. Sluggo. @therealkrudco sticker!!!

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Don Brown
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ecrbdb 1357962891
Haha, yes! Krudco! I seem to remember a NYC limo with one of those stickers after an etnies launch. Good times!
krudcoskateshop 1357962983
👍Good looks! Thx @metaskateboards
remotecontrolmonkey 1357966627
I had that Phillips board! He was incredible. @don_brown
revilow 1357979551
Always wanted the Sluggo board.
don_brown 1358009589
@funkybadchad @jason_bickford @remotecontrolmonkey Phillips was definitely the ruler. Hung out with him for a while when I first came to US and couch toured Texas!!
don_brown 1358577029
#skateboarding #skateboard #phillips #legend #vert #skater #sims #gullwing #iphonesia #photooftheday #metaskateshop #metaskate #1
beckczar 1358617061
That Phillips was my first new board that I saved up for. Good concave, massive nose for its time. RIP Phillips. RIP Sims.
tacoblaino 1358915037
My favorite Phillips board.
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