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This is for the kid who I met at the Vancouver #prettysweet premiere who asked me for more book recommendations. This is a goody. #outstealinghorses #whatmccrankerisreading

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chaaaaaaaasby 1357955707
@mccranker was he a tall skinny dude with super long hair?
mccranker 1357961005
@thelastinstagrammer yup
chaaaaaaaasby 1357961951
@mccranker that's #prettysweet
emmi_lulu 1358980473
This book is really good! I'm currently reading another book of his called "i curse the river of time" I recommend it 👍
mccranker 1359181129
@ginaemilie thanks I'll check it out.
bclarkphoto 1359637840
All you @tea_pea_sea
More of these please
mccranker 1365576987
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