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Rune Glifberg

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Out skating some spots with my boy @corbinharris today. Photo by @bjornj #fun #skateboarding #synchronisedswimming #sydney #australia

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Rune Glifberg
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nealhendrix 1357880426
@corbinharris that's sick! Haha. Rune and I skated a vert doubles comp once in Brazil back in the day. Frazier was my guy back in the X Games vert doubles, we had some fun times. I'll take Frazier!
newcastleskateshop 1357881138
Hey guys, when your in Newi. Drop in and say hi. We've been here 17years. # Newcastle
mattyproctor 1357884986
@sorryjones homies.
peanut3e 1357894823
malcolmbrooks 1357907377
What an awesome life to skate around the world and shred bowls and ramps.
southsideramblers 1357919942
@nealhendrix frazier still skating? My first board was a mike frazier. Still trying to find another one!
nealhendrix 1357921098
@southsideramblers yeah, he lives in Florida, skates occasionally and fucking kills it still
southsideramblers 1357921233
@nealhendrix thanks! You two are legends!
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