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Tony Hawk

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The 2002 @birdhouseskateboards Lexus tour was a renegade roadtrip through the USA. Pictured: @tomgreenlive & me. Tom's signature trick was transferring through the front windows.

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Tony Hawk
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galindean 1357929763
I remember this
galindean 1357929782
You didnt.show up in El Paso.
galindean 1357929809
We had to.deal w/ that piece of shit Brian Sumner
supermutantferf 1357936728
When you showed up and skated with Tom on his show back in the day I lost my mind.
da_grang 1357949340
Tom Green can still work a park like a master
elmo150 1357957655
caipie 1357979583
@ashleyyy94 it's Tom Green and Tony Hawk
pablogonz435 1359663913
@tonyhawk that's in our hood st George utah holla!
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