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Tony Hawk

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This is my skateboard. I just left it where the keyhole was located at Del Mar Skate Ranch (as pictured). Finders keepers.

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Tony Hawk
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lolabberss 1359067300
Hahahaaaa @robert_the_awesomeness
lolabberss 1359067399
@robert_the_awesomeness Umm... So ur admitting that u stalk me?
lolabberss 1359067458
@robert_the_awesomeness Well u said I like them... (Obviously I don't) hahahahaha WHAT NOW ROBERT?! WHAT NOW?!
lolabberss 1359067544
@robert_the_awesomeness I heard u had a crush on Ciara, Erin, Francessca, jossalin, anyone else?
lolabberss 1359067656
@robert_the_awesomeness Oh so ur saying u like even MORE?!?! Wow I can't believe I forgot to add him to ur list!
lolabberss 1359067747
@robert_the_awesomeness Oh sooooo ur adding even MORE people u like? Wow.
albino_13_ 1363826851
Im a huge fan of u Tony
treyalguire 1363827446
Can you leave a board in Hillbilly Tennessee ?
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