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#throwbackthursday !! Haha I remember I could only skate in white shoes, any other color messed me up! Got my @dvsskateboarding shirt and just got my fade at the barbers lol!!! Picnic table days, love it ! Good night #instafamily

daewon1song Instagram profile picture
Daewon Song
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remyb28 1359050193
Daewon when are you going to get a board under my feet again @daewon1song
jatziri34 1359632150
mct._ 1360439383
Nice hair doe D. Lol
runfromthecops 1362086386
lt_akc 1362369101
I still run them white leather joints.af1, reebok classic
inyoung_park 1373233814
I like Deca!!!
jimbolushi 1375339267
Thankyou Daewon or is it Darwin.?
deadmoneyculture 1395445253
@daewon1song ... I remember us back at perry Jr high, when you were skating in chuck Ts, Z-ROLLERS and blanks.. lol, back with damian wilson and kenji and eric ricks.. good ole days. You were killing it then and still killing it now... your the best man!!
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