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Tim Gavin

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@h_dubb Well,here she is by popular demand, Yoshi my mommy. For those of you who know me, and consider my cerebral wiring system to be in knots and little tangled, The Yoshi Indirectly gave me that awesome. Since I'm posting a photo of my mommy on a social media website I should probably share that she was the sole reason I had a presence in skateboarding unfortunately with the help of MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and we'll right back with the rest of the money. #layway #japanesepeople #carmeloanthony #davidduchovhny

therealgav Instagram profile picture
Tim Gavin
therealgav 1357808652
Just another Asian occasion
atibaphoto 1357808701
zackdwarren 1357811312
@therealgav I love you you're so epic. ☝
kelleyilaree 1357833934
Love this
h_dubb 1357834940
Tim, this is the sweetest post ever. thank you for sharing this. nice to know where your awesomeness comes from.
jennycolen 1357850371
I love this woman! @therealgav
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