Photo from mccranker

And here's one done by @tlav86 #funwithoutcomputers

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ian_bruce 1357831604
Looks like the gay inmate from the movie Out of Sight
machotaildrop 1357839825
An elf from the old Xmas animations.
robkramerrr 1357896283
He made you out to look like adam lanza
thisboycelife 1358980263
Happy birthday Rick.... Have I ever told you... You are my favorite skateboarder.... Ssshhhh don't tell slugs. Hope you have a great day.
mostly_draws_cats 1358983193
Happy birthday Rick!! Hope it's as awesome as u are mang
phillyphil31 1358996619
Happy Birthday!!!
angeles661 1359005397
HBD @mccranker 🎉
mccranker 1359181204
Blushing @rds_designer ☺
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