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Cj Tambornino

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The homie @tcva's part just got up on @hellaclips!! Shit is #beast #homegrown #flickep

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Cj Tambornino
copherlikepropr 1357675025
Nooo Tabari took it there with the cancer gap #DAYUMSON !!
4n_baerfarts 1357676577
True G
tabaricook 1357679581
Sick! Damn I'm hyped. thank you homie.🙏
_kyle_plathe_ 1357686124
@tcva dope!
kariiieeee 1358393252
@cj_tambo I know this isn't you, but some asshole in my speech class was giving a speech on skateboarding, and he sat next to me after and was googling skate videos and showing them to me. I showed him one of yours and said I knew you and he said "he's alright." Then he proceeded to show me his fave video ever and you were in it hella times. He felt hella stupid and it made me laugh. Then he asked me for your autograph. Lol, they know you everywhere bro!
schoolboybitch 1363824736
Thanks for liking my pics @cj_tambo Ive seen your Flow Trash Part ! Its so sick,Nollie Big Hardflips,Nollie Gazelle Double Heel,Switch Pops up a five,Nollie 540 Tre,and all this crazy stuff
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