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Photo from maegyn__tompsin

Hank is really into this Blazer game. Hah. #ripcity #portlandtrailblazers

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joshingtonstate 1357652132
So bad ass the Blazers used your pic! You must've been ecstatic. @maegyn_tompsin
maegyn__tompsin 1357663900
@taylor_bbyyy - Seriously though! His nose was up against the screen and following the basketball around. It was hilarious. @joshingtonstate - Chyeah! It was pretty sweet waking up today to see that 😁
sltvisuals 1360573525
where'd they post it?^
maegyn__tompsin 1360618609
@sltvisuals - On all their social networking sites I'm pretty sure. I saw it on here, Facebook, and Imgur 👍
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