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@keithsweets @peterramondetta yes we are in Colorado time to get some pow pow

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michael_zd 1357600617
@_joseguillen zumiez is hella gay
_joseguillen 1357602547
@mdornay @shawndonwinston you must not have a life, its cool though :) @gold_toof #huf is in our stores already, so try to catch up
_joseguillen 1357602688
@bennyandthejetsfoo learn how to spell first bro, 2nd once was. Don't post anything if you don't know how to spell or know what a brand stands for
yoleeson 1357605601
Shoulda come to washington. Been nuking up here.
michael_zd 1357605816
@_joseguillen zumiez is just for 12 year old scooter kids
_joseguillen 1357605901
@mdornay tell that to all the vendors we carry, and the money they make
skatebush 1357613561
Go to @thedenvershop
gold_toof 1357617571
@_joseguillen fuck you
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