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@hufworldwide X @ivivision collabo coming spring 2013 #waitwhat

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trashintimmey 1357580946
@huntermlogan #waitwhat#f#ckit#f#ckyou
_escorza151 1357582169
mpower05 1357588996
@huntermlogan go 😲🔫
huntermlogan 1357595934
@keith_hufnagel absolute sellout and you know it
lachlancee 1357597184
Shut the fuck up dude. This brand's been around for ages. Dude's probably worked his ass off to get where they are today. Don't be a bitch because they've finally made it.... Annnd go eat a dick. This is the internet after all. @huntermlogan
motha_fuckits 1357606135
Go wear hollister fag lol @huntermlogan
alexusshefts 1357613514
We need @morganrkb
vchau 1358337560
Just worked for them at the surf expo. They're really great guys with an amazing line!
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