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After a long few days at #agendashow thanks to @worldindustries @ergo_clothing and @theevetrucks it's now time to catch up on my other love over some coffee. #heavyfuckingmetal #decibelmagazine

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Andrew Cannon
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steven_reeves 1357503605
Ghost does rule.
cardinalskateshop 1357503812
Looked for you to say hello sir . But could not find ya.
andrewcannon 1357504114
Damn @cardinalskateshop, I would have been pumped. How's the shop doing? Did you get to check the @worldindustries booth? I'd love to hear your thoughts if you did. If you have a moment to email me good or bad I'd be so stoked. My email is my name on here plus @yahoo.com
andrewcannon 1357508614
@7413921 I love carcass. Do you have a favorite of their albums?
fallanator 1357508740
Ghost is Soo sick dude !!
brooselightning 1357509942
Ghost kills
andrewcannon 1357513096
@7413921 yes! That's my favorite one off that album by far! This mortal coil, off heartwork gets me pretty juiced up too.
_effigy_ 1357533082
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