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Kerry Getz

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This is epic! Great job @j_r_clayton & the @berrics

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Kerry Getz
j_r_clayton 1357492547
As always, thanks for the support Kerry, lots of incredible projects are happening in Philly this year. Paines park and 3-4 other smaller parks. 2013 is gonna be a good year for our town!!
skateswords 1357493182
hell yeah!!!
joncrans 1357494214
Jesse is the man! Keep throwing that crete down! @j_r_clayton
callemjawz 1357494238
@j_r_clayton i wish we had something awesome luke this where we are!!! We only have 2 parks and they are both 30-45 mins away
faas74 1357496469
Yeah 4 foot and under posse!
keystone13 1357498363
kerrygetz 1357499349
@j_r_clayton your the man & so stoked things are happening for philly. Thank you👍👊
tha_ridla 1357500114
The tri-state area has some of sickest spots. Great highlight of that thanks to DIYers. Gotta love the power of skateboarding .
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