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Rex Ryan ends up on espn again about his tattoos!!! First it was my USO @alipatefetuli with the SICK Polynesian tattoo he did on his leg, now it's my first and only cartoon character I ever did on his arm back in 2010...lol...#rexryan#nyjets#newyorkjets#marksanchez#rexryanstattos#timtebow#rexryantattoo#eugeniustat2

eugeniustat2 Instagram profile picture
Eugene Taase
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eugeniustat2 1357355336
@koruman808 yes sir!!! Hope all is well braddah man!!!
kaionela 1357365056
@eugeniustat2 you can tat it on @dafamouskine forehead I won't mind LOL
eugeniustat2 1357365484
Lol @ @kaionela !!! Crazy!!! Lol
kaionela 1357365835
@eugeniustat2 or maybe an Xbox controller tat?? LOL
eugeniustat2 1357366731
Lol...black ops 3 coming out soon...lol...jk @kaionela
kaionela 1357366841
@eugeniustat2 remind me when so I can shut off our electricity & go green during the black ops release hehehe
ivandms 1357573781
@meredithanne @prjew1113
meredithanne 1357585702
@ivandms LOL!
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