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Kerry Getz

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#throwbackbackboard #throwbackthursday @ryangee_photo Rockin some @slbarbier kicks.

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Kerry Getz
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scooby__drew 1357270096
Lanc lanc parking garage
scooby__drew 1357270118
Shits gigantic
kerrygetz 1357286236
@mogkmogk no I dont👎
kerrygetz 1357286260
@jayimnobody yup good old 1997
kerrygetz 1357286319
@ashallcross1984 shot the pic in the rain. Landed a week or 3 earlier. Definitely had to go back with @ryangee_photo to get this pic
kerrygetz 1357286364
@catchabody83 I shredded with him everyday back then. #mikemaldonado
catchabody83 1357289025
@getzhabitat I remember quit vividly. My first time I seen you guys together was at boards and blades..I think it was called. You were there wearing a grey Ezekiel crew neck, and you had two chicks with you. Mike was there too. I think cky might have been playing a show there at the same time. Been a fan since I was in my mid teens mane.
kerrygetz 1357323335
@catchabody83 thanks bro! Much appreciated!! 👊
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