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Jeff Lenoce

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Is this for real @theotisb

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Jeff Lenoce
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ian.lbc 1357440956
Fucking poser
bandana_b 1357668628
That's my shit, B!!!!
jefflenoce 1357679472
@bandana_b yup! Ha
walkerkhi 1360530885
hoxton.samples 1376809292
@ethan_royality ride baker because its the best don't stop riding because of some rich degenerate.
spookyfuck 1379994295
@film2deep4u thank you
hoxton.samples 1379994547
@boof666god as much as I see skateboarding differently now from the time I was in diapers I can't stand seeing assholes with money coming in and taking this beautiful day tripper called skateboarding. Now skateboarding relies on just going pro for money and how much it sells. There's no emotion on how big it is when you see the people you look up to come out in a video. They do shit for us that others couldn't
cuttdawg72 1395291517
Sup wit erryone hatin
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