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Ryan DeCenzo

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Backup board came in handy today! #switchcasperstall #gettricksordietrying2013

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Ryan DeCenzo
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wasted_tapon 1357176725
Sick ass back ups haha @decenzzzz
ryandecenzo 1357182682
@bakerboys_4_life546 thanks homie!
ethanlugo97 1357182736
Ya no prob @decenzzzz
ethanlugo97 1357192120
Hey @decenzzzz could u send me an autograph ik u get this a lot but id be cool id send u my give u my email for address its cool if u dont
shhhhhhhh.ah 1357192288
You will forever be my favorite skater and inspiration man!!
doctorsportello 1357194463
@decenzzzz Killed that spot today! ๎Ÿ me and my friends haven't gotten that hyped since a while. Thanks for making today a memorable one ๎€Ž
dnepscha 1357195992
Back in the day we all use to do the crazy Casper flip thing from that stance right there!!! Bringing me back to skating in the garage for the winter!!!!
arnettebrasil 1443589341
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