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Villa Riviera

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Don Brown
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don_brown 1357138991
Hell yes @devine_calloway. Thanks for everything. You rule.
don_brown 1357139068
YES @trenthamjb 21 years now!!
trentobean_ 1357146166
@don_brown any chance of the gvr contest coming back??? Btw my friend in the pic is an ex vans rider from back in the day, he and mike escamilla go way back etc. He's trying to spread the word about his friend Troy Mcmurray, he almost died from some intense blood clotting mainly in the lungs. Bmx plus is on board with setting up a fund but any other companies in the industry that can help would make all the difference. He's also gonna spread the word on his blog (http://behindbarsbmx.com/) and FB page (http://m.facebook.com/shawn.burnham.357?id=100002718414447&refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fshawn.burnham.357&_rdr). Sorry for the rant, I don't know Troy personally but I do know he's been in the game for a solid amount of time, and has given his all to the community, and now is in a time of need. Many thanks don, keep the ship afloat at sol tech! @devine_calloway best of luck finding your next shoe sponsor, haven't had a chance to watch #prettysweet yet but looking forward to it, been a fan since the city stars days ☺!
don_brown 1357154178
@trenthamjb hopefully we can bring back GvR! We're aware if Troys situation and BMX crew are on it! Happy New Year!
trentobean_ 1357158445
Happy new year, thankyou and cheers mate!!!
mehana1965 1357282090
That is my favorite view from my favorite ship!!
mehana1965 1357282380
I was born in Long Beach and remember being completely in awe of that building!!
don_brown 1357490588
#longbeach #queenmary #newyear #2013 #iphonesia #photooftheday #igmania #porthole #villariviera #california
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