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Chaz Ortiz

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These are my brothers real talk these dudes have always had my back since day one @dankflores @kingtone27 @anthony_ajvalet

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Chaz Ortiz
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ryanpegram 1357060687
Looks like the Mexican One Direction
_sarah__sims 1357071191
@scottywoowoo damn fool, your drunk ass seriously kept talkin shit all night. I know more about skating than you could ever fathom. What the fuck are you trying to get at... Skating and fashion... Just cause the homie CAN afford to dress up and has plans for New Years.. Doesnt make him a walking billboard, and if it does.. fuck it, that more money. hes a youngin on his grind, back up off of him.. Why don't you take your 30 something year old low life badass self outta here and try and start shit with A) someone who actually gives a damn OR B) someone your own fucking age man that resembles you. You sure do show a lotta class man @scottywoowoo #justsaying
kingtone27 1357071660
@_steeznasty33 👍treated
kingtone27 1357071819
To everyone: keep hating. Cause if your hating we obviously are doing something right.
atdeancolistra 1357095393
@scottywoowoo chad does what he does to have fun and skate and I think true skaters can see that
dflotho 1357104642
Like @kingtone27 said!!
kimtakacsss 1357248216
@steezortiz im a big fan! Can i have shoutout that would be awsome
bradyjenkins 1357259942
serious swag homies! fuck haters
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