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Cause you are the wind beneath my wings... New @worldindustries boards! Tell your shop to get there while they can b! #skateboarding

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Andrew Cannon
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johnbagnato 1356978487
Haha true that.. Not hating there sick just saying
jaredlevinephotog 1356979700
@andrewcannon666 sick graphic bud, may have to pick it up.
andrewcannon 1356979870
@johnbagnato I know what you mean. It's honestly super tough to do something that hasn't been done in the 90's even sicker. If you ever look through those websites with old graphics its insane. But we are making steps in the right direction and I can say the next season after this is fucking rad. But I'm glad you like it, cause if you thought it sucked I'd be asking why and what we could do to make it better. Thanks for the honesty.
yorkatron 1356980316
Looking nice!
zman8484 1356983590
@andrewcannon666 are these the new plyagra technology? I can't wait for my Friendly Forest to arrive. Thanks to @homebase610.
johnbagnato 1356983754
Major improvement
ceelosfigg 1357956482
valhallascott 1358023288
Glad you like these. I showed WRLD the bear crest I had done for fun on my own, they loved it & suggested doing one for each skaters home state. Pretty easy for Cali, Penn & Florida but making a lobster look cool for Mass was pretty tough. I'm sure you noticed the crown jewel in you graphic is a keystone for PA / the keystone state. @worldindustries #skateboarding #graphicdesign
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