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Long way comin .. My friend @shanejoneill has been killin it for year ! Happy to celebrate his first New Years in America ! Cheers mate 🍻

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Torey Pudwill
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darcos91 1356980812
@toreypudwill1 please man, let Paul Rodriguez know that I say to him 🎈FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS🎈 !! And happy new year to the best team ever Plan B!! 🎊 Please Torey let him know! Hit me back if you told him! Thnx man
jac0blee 1356981095
i'm just kidding pudds, you're like my favorite skater dude @toreypudwill1
jamesmchughh 1356985092
Yeah @jac0blee!! Haha you and shane kill it @toreypudwill1 @shanejoneill
filo_meleka 1356988950
Plan b
everaldosk8 1356997715
Torceu pudwill happy year!
kdaybaby 1357067886
Just sent you some info to your email @toreypudwill1 check it when possible homie!
kodyxchuffs 1357652404
@toreypudwill1 t-puds you fucken rip and have the nastiest pop outa everyone
shannonstyle 1389131621
Exactly...... It's not cool without them
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