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Chaz Ortiz

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I been rockin @nickydiamonds1 before most believe that 12 years old

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Chaz Ortiz
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dionne_aglr 1356985604
@steezortiz chill Chaz his not going to sponsor just bcuz u were rockin diamond when u were 12
treydinho 1356986845
@wpgdion hes been sponsored by them dude
dionne_aglr 1356987656
@nathaniel_fields no his not his sponsored by Gatorade,Fkd bearings , zoo York and silver trucks.
treydinho 1356988470
I think he got hooked up with diamond gear ling ago and just started riding for them ever since..idk
dionne_aglr 1356991942
I c
boashkn 1358667689
@leo_larsson wrong
malalmaie 1358673722
@boashkn not wrong ya she3y ya klb atfoo 3leek
mark_issa 1364630460
We Arabs bruv that is a Lebanese shirt skateallday nickydiamond He knows t
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