Photo from keithhufnagel

My new chain @williamstrobeck

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therealelrock 1356840617
3 chains!
premorivera 1356842718
@19_ryvn_90 thought you might like this one...
19_ryvn_90 1356842779
@premo_stayhigh tssssssss this shit is dope!!! If I only had the dough to cop these exact chains
premorivera 1356842829
@19_ryvn_90 you gotta screenshot this shit! Haha.
lilfiji 1356892249
leahmob 1356895235
U getting all bling bling. Pop some bottles kid!
nardslife 1357959837
Where you got them from @keith_hufnagel ????
fakesickness 1358032075
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