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I saw this on a car window and thought it was almost spot on to why I am a non believer. That and it's just not in my heart. #atheism

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Andrew Cannon
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aetherialuna 1356803849
@theholygh0sfac3 this was profound!
shithawk 1356806295
Sail hatan😈
carrollcakes 1356807597
Devil man devil man! @andrewcannon666
joshbetley 1356808079
Hail Satan brother.
joncrans 1356808347
Justifiably true Andrew. There are very few genuine believers. I try in some poor way to live and point people to a better way. I say, "You must test the system, not people. If the system fails, move on." I found out about 15 years ago, when my art school professor quoted Nietzsche, saying God is dead,...life has no meaning! Paint! Draw! do whatever! It doesn't really matter! Wrestling with his own mid life crisis and depression. I found myself wrestling for answers for life's meaning and I truly went searching. I asked myself "Who is really telling the freaking truth!!" Now at the age of 39, looking back in my search I can honestly say, first, that "truth" as a category does exist. Second, there are answers to the questions of human existence. Third, through my own struggles for truth and existentialism, lead me back to the pages of the Bible. "I tested the system!" Ready to move on, I searched deeper. That is when I truly found absolute truth. "The God who is there, and who does care about mankind" To this day no other belief system, philosophy, religion or even atheism. Has given me a more clearer answer to life's origin, meaning, and destiny. Not to mention the reality of actually experiencing God do things in my own life. No other explanation. So I challenge you to "Test the system of the Bible" man will always fail man. God does not. He is where the truth lies. We live in the freaking USA , where the right wing wackers have done a great job in representing God to the likes of a happy meal at McDonalds. But, it doesn't defeat the fact, that God is not there. I say this because I actually care and want people to experience the goodness and hope that I have found. Keep searching my friend and Happy New Year! @andrewcannon666
arilliam 1356810521
Very well said @joncrans
andrewcannon 1356819255
@joncrans you've got a way with words my friend. I always appreciate reading and chatting with you about these things. Ill be back in pa jan 17-22 and I'd love to get a coffee and catch up of you have time. Talk about skating, the fam and religion. Hope all is well my friend.
joncrans 1356839048
Yeah man. Love to catch up with you when your back in PA in Jan. Lets try to grab coffee for sure. @andrewcannon666
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