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Skated with some good boys today ! @scottdecenzo @appleyardmark and @decenzzzz !! Banged my knee warming up ! Haha that was funny, except cut my skate day short. O well see u guys soon !!!

toreypudwill Instagram profile picture
Torey Pudwill
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corey8875 1356637051
Damn dude your hair is crazy haha I haven't seen you in years!
instadam5 1356642739
Sorry man - just sucks to see these guys posting pics, knowing all these little kids are following them. I know they didn't sign up to be a role model, but it comes with the paychecks. Just wish pro athletes would be more responsible.
maxjunnosukesmith 1356668384
@toreypudwill1 is stoned out of his mind
@ajb00321 dude a little herb ain't never hurt nobody. As long as he keeps up the hard work and crazy bangers what does it matter?
instadam5 1356718525
@zack, a little doesn't - but you know Tory's burning herb day and night,
instadam5 1356718535
Baking that brain!
haden_hultquist 1357353174
it looks like there all high
selfmot1vated 1359267057
I met mark appleyard at a street spot and he asked me if I had any papers
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