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Tim Gavin

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I have no interest in cycling however the style always makes me reconsider! Cycling is the most corrupt sport however spam has to be sanctioned by the spandex committee! #Bundledcoconuts #Stayoffthestreetsnerds

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Tim Gavin
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_frankdatank_ 1356427983
Well it does look like you are in Hawaii... The place that consumes the most spam in america
aris1214 1356428589
Haha ... Merry Xmas g! Much respect
michaellawlor 1356429405
Spell spam backwards. @therealgav The good folks @ spam design the tour de france route. Pretty sure they're partnered with huffy. Haha!
desiree_astorga 1356432345
Dang thought of being sponsored by SPAM mite make 1 reconsider cycling-;) merry merry to u & urs
scmbgsteve 1356445932
@waffle_grip Jesus Christ, check this out
skullo27 1356457850
kylevickers 1356459493
patlawlor 1356460383
Bundledcoconuts! Hahahahaha!!!
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