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Ryan Clements

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@kyleberard working it while @rbradfurd supervises. @cullentraverso was shoveling somewhere in the background. Thanks for building me the best Xmas present ever, fellas

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Ryan Clements
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sp3nc3r 1356389382
mrshittooth 1356391625
So hyped for you.
chris1norris 1356395496
man how did y'all get spot goin? im trien to open a legit good park for the kids in charlotte nc
hellonwheels 1356398491
THAT is what Christmas looks like!
rbradfurd 1356399528
I would've taken a nap but the 5 cases of redbull wouldnt let me! Cant wait to make @kyleberard finish that stuff up! @rtclem
paradoxgrip 1356402528
Epic #dreamsdocometrue
rtclem 1356444263
What's up @tuliooliveira! Hope to make it to Brazil sometime soon...
rtclem 1356444328
Hey @chuck_420_norris, email me at ryan@skateparkoftampa.com.
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