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Ryan Clements

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The truck showed up a little late, so @rbradfurd, @kyleberard, and @cullentraverso were smoothing this slab out until midnight.

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Ryan Clements
lakelander 1356217524
You are literally living the dream at this point #asifyouhaventbeenalready
rbradfurd 1356217702
Did you cruise from the top yet? @rtclem
rtclem 1356217943
Yeah @rbradfurd I did. It's fast!
kyleberard 1356221435
Rainbow rail over the house. @rtclem
thetimoconnor 1356222696
Damn!!! @rtclem I'm jealous! @kyleberard I might need to hire you guys to so some work on my driveway. I wanna do some cement work but I'm scared to do a horrible job at my own home.
kyleberard 1356223026
Anytime. @thetimoconnor yeah you don't wanna build the worst thing you have ever skated a few feet from where you sleep. Bad dreams of like a ledge with not enough vert or some shit.
rtclem 1356225711
Yeah @thetimoconnor, it's like a dream come true. So stoked.
jpgarciask8er 1356395459
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