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Come see your favorite stars @halloffameltd on Sunday

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dickheadbailey 1356161507
Isn't that stuff in the background callde pots
furrycalamari 1356168426
Dude. Please have them all sign mine to @furrycalamari 🙏I won't be here.
jaheerie 1356177055
@syewilliams Hahaha true dat. If the Mayans were good at predictin stuff there'd still be Mayans!!!
intkyle 1356209161
There are still Mayans @jaheerie
jaheerie 1356223776
@k_sb I realise that, but do they still have a 'Civilisation'? Not the best long term planners
intkyle 1356231850
@jaheerie they do actually. In the forests of Belize, Guatemala. They have asked to be respectively left out of Census checks to preserve their culture. Your not going to see any practicing Mayans without going deep into the bushes, probably 3 to 4 hours off the last dirt "road" . Unfortunately the governments have done little to nothing to preserve their culture and are generally in bad relations. The governments of Belize, Guatemala are incredibly corrupt.
hityovernie 1356250257
jaheerie 1356269242
@k_sb Interesting. I was under the impression that the Mayans were a highly-evolved society which basically died out. It seems the whole planet was fixated on their 'prediction', & that came to nothing. It's sad how indigenous people always get shafted - usually when the white man appears. BTW Happy Christmas ;)
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