Photo from mccranker

Happy winter solstice!

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truckface 1356137478
hey Rick, i think you are awesome more than @brysonthrift does... so yeaj
alchemy_mike 1356137676
to you too!
wong_sauce 1356138364
@ashleygold__ looks like our boys ha
littleringvillian 1356148378
bobkronbauer 1356154479
Are you in SD county? This photo screams it
high_desert 1356200237
@mccranker that looks just like a driveway by my house! Same dog & same cat.
mccranker 1356200381
@high_desert you're correct!! remember when Malto was in the hospital? Shot it then. Happy holidays EA!
mccranker 1356200392
@bobkronbauer LA
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