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Andrew Cannon

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Gothenburg Sweden summer 2012

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Andrew Cannon
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kingok94 1356120659
@dmichalowski Ohh yeahh sweet! Nice pic! Go in 7eleven pick up some kex bars!
dominikkk14 1356121004
#sweden is awsome !!!
andrewcannon 1356122440
@angelsix66 haha, oh no big. Just cruise down to brazil for a little rock in rio action. You know, pretty standard weekend.
angelsix66 1356123032
Just like going to Wacken, but w a beach & prettier women ;) Sepultura is playing, too. I'm probably going to go so start saving!
andrewcannon 1356123836
Hahaha. But wacken is happening again and there are a bunch of other epic euro festivals with super hard rocking bands @angelsix66. I lie maiden, but I've seen them a bunch.
angelsix66 1356123915
If they are playing any of the euro fests & you are gonna go, let me know so I can get you passes.
d.traps.910 1356124202
prestonharper 1356125305
That is so kewlllll!
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