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Photo from mccranker

I have one of these bit I still like this. #whoreallycares

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reneerenee1 1356079704
@abraheeeem666 in the great words of #trinidadjames "dont believe me just watch!"
derekemery 1356087008
@brettfacekillah RIGHT ON AND WELL SAID
trentobean_ 1356101859
I don't even understand what this legal stuff is about, only been on instagram for like a month and love it, just created a Flickr too for the more legit photos. Pheed is not as good for posting photos but I'll be using it for posting little jams I might make up or use it for videos. It's not as clean and simple as Instagram format/interface wise. I hope instagram doesn't end up like MySpace...
reneerenee1 1356246429
@abraheeeem666 you get a #pheed yet? When you do be sure to phollow me @reneerenee ;)
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