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I have one of these bit I still like this. #whoreallycares

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reneerenee1 1356069747
It will get better Rick! Its only been live 6 weeks! Lots of tweeking still to be done. They back skateboarding big time!!! Next time your in LA i will take you by the #pheed house and skate the mini ramp!!! Be #patient and @abraheeeem666 its not going away! :)
brettfacekillah 1356070694
I dunno, I feel people are blowing this out of proportion. The majority of people won't be affected by this. And for those who are, I'm sure that almost everybody has downloaded music without paying for it. Do I support what Instagram is doing? No. But I sure as hell don't need to hop on the hate bandwagon because of a slight discomfort. Ya dig? @mccranker
abe_duh_babe 1356073036
@jasonbothe it is.
altown 1356077608
Exactly @brettfacekillah
reneerenee1 1356079704
@abraheeeem666 in the great words of #trinidadjames "dont believe me just watch!"
derekemery 1356087008
@brettfacekillah RIGHT ON AND WELL SAID
trentobean_ 1356101859
I don't even understand what this legal stuff is about, only been on instagram for like a month and love it, just created a Flickr too for the more legit photos. Pheed is not as good for posting photos but I'll be using it for posting little jams I might make up or use it for videos. It's not as clean and simple as Instagram format/interface wise. I hope instagram doesn't end up like MySpace...
reneerenee1 1356246429
@abraheeeem666 you get a #pheed yet? When you do be sure to phollow me @reneerenee ;)
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