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Hmmm... Now I know where the lump on my head came from #nevergonnadrinkagain

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Don Brown
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don_brown 1356109875
And alcohol @randymcbowler :)
randymcbowler 1356109971
Dutch courage always helps!
aktothemax 1356115263
Doesnt explain the bump on my head... #iblamedonbrown
don_brown 1356233175
It couldn't be me :) #iblame @dhappekotte
dhappekotte 1356284084
Video for this is epic! #blametheboozeforthebumps!
don_brown 1356295802
@mafia_tv #shredolution ... My goals are to make it through the year alive, donate my life to orphanages, open doors for the elderly, and support all girl action sports riders. Did I win?
mahfiaboss 1356323228
@don_brown hahaha! You are crowned the father Theresa of girls action sports..but definitely try not to die too.
7_day_weekend 1356363156
@crabgrab the boards work in all conditions.
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