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Thanks @skullcandy and @roblayer for the awesome Christmas gift! Much appreciated! #supremesound

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Sean Malto
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mynameischrig 1356052982
@bmilker why not just get monsters. They are beats just without the dre. Name on them and there cheaper with the same quility.
bmilker 1356053407
@chrismcnuggs because ive got vmoda crossfades, much better than monster
nickkatzfey 1356058107
@bmilker amen man. Monster and Dre make terrible headphones.
jess4bentley 1356061701
@bmilker I have the ear plugs and they are great. They are better than my iPhone ear plugs. Those beats by dre are sweet there expensive for a reason. That's the first bad review I've heard about them.
therealfabree 1356065745
Pinche Sean Maltooo weee!! Eres la mamada weee!! Cuidate un chingo caaaaa rnaaal!!!!
natebobinson 1356090806
So uh should your heros hands be holding the blackest purse? If so #why? Is the band
nikitaraskopanskiy 1358185883
@sean_malto чувак ты что пьешь?круууто
andrew_pruitt 1362269086
@jess4bentley beats bass suck its too muddy and drowns out the mids and highs
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