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Gabe Clement

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Hope you all have a bright Christmas! Thanks for the @glassysunhaters @vincestagram #sunhaters #glassy #stayglassy

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Gabe Clement
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erikostos 1355980687
Enjoy your week my friend πŸ™
greydoggy 1355980709
Legit photo!! @beergut74 @clemjenn @zephry Happy holidays!! πŸŒ²πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ
jaunitacherita 1355982512
Are the Clem fam on their way to Sunny AZ. Did Zs package arrive from me!
instaramp 1356005045
#MerryChristmas @beergut74
richardson.06 1356011927
beergut74 1356023520
@robbiecr wouldn't be bummed to be out there! Hope your good my friend. Miss you
beergut74 1356023579
@isseyyumiba @daewon1song you guys are to kind. It's all about the good people surrounding myself and my family. And for that I thank you guys! Merry Christmas
beergut74 1356057706
Mom the package arrived today. Thank you! Leaving for AZ tomorrow afternoon. @jaunitacherita love you!
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