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David Gonzalez

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My two brothers Geoff and arto at the soty party.. @thrashermag @geoffrowley @artofoto @flipskateboards

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David Gonzalez
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look.its.mary 1356026721
Can I braid your luscious locks?
sandermaurud 1356027132
@apperently_somebody I respect that, but you wrote that you still thinks Figgy is better. SOTY means "Skater of the year" and not "Skater allround". If you know what i mean? David was clearly the best this year. POSSESED TO SKATE!!
@sandermaurud yes i said wat it means and yes david is a good skater but figgy in my head is better but it doesnt matter because next theres gonna be new set of people and new ideals of whos gonna win so really it doesnt matter
carooolbarco 1356111617
Jay Adams :O lol the boy of chacket black
cowabunghole 1356133285
@davidgonzalez you shred hard duder! I can't wait to see what your are doing 5-10 years from now!
mariobona 1356219343
El pequeño Grande!!
mejiaadii 1356582848
@davidgonzalez shulo :*
rudegalnicky 1356739599
@davidgonzalez <3
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