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John Cardiel

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John Cardiel
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thisisalovestory 1355967853
We're more than sand on the seashore, we're more than numbers...great song.
chrissenn 1356428874
True dat wan luv!
iguignet 1356989919
@_breakfree_ happy NY John
insta_otter 1357083059
@_breakfree_ When are you headed back down Santa Cruz way?? Lets go get our shred on at Derbs homie!!
bxlynette 1357096761
@_breakfree_ Cuzo thanks so much for blessing me with the backpack, I absolutely love it my daughter housed it and is using it for school. #chrome#fire
z_chsm_th 1357815170
Fuck yea im pumped i found you on here! All hail cardiel!!!
groundswell_ 1358949773
ohsheswears 1385969857
Legit meeting you at the sunrise mall store tonight, totally appreciate you coming through! And hooking up the candy cane.haha. Stay safe!!
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