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Torey Pudwill

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SKATE OR DIE . Lil' Wayne @trukfit @grizzly_griptape ! #grizzlygang #skatelife #dedication

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Torey Pudwill
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eyesacbrain 1357804345
@mjhe23de Well saying "Fuck hip hop" is a whole different thing then saying simply "I don't like hip hop", either way, we don't care if you do or not, no one asked for your opinion, we don't care
jburnum_ 1358265159
And what happened when he had a skatepark made in NOLA? Nothing. press conference-rock to fakie-shut it down. That's what I call giving back! Thanks mountain dew, I mean WEEEZY F BABY.........
bleecrust101 1358409802
Damn hella people hating jus be glade he's supporting us skaters @toreypudwill1
georgewashere 1360803553
We dont need support
copgraveyardxxx 1360917814
He's actually getting better because I saw a video of him skating with the baker team and he killed it :D
brodyman713 1360971194
Everyone should start their skating career at age 30!
samflup88 1362206337
Love him
jad.mts 1369571019
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