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2012 has been such a great year ! After dealing with 3 major surgeries and racing to pick myself back up to do what I love , made me realize how to be happy and grateful for everything I gots !! And I wanna say than you too all the peeps that have supported me along the way !! Skate till death ! #skatelife #grizzlygang

toreypudwill Instagram profile picture
Torey Pudwill
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christianxc16 1355850143
torey rules
vamosone 1355853834
Fo sho bro!! U know I got the grizzly on my grip!!
joshpskates 1355866216
@toreypudwill1 it's amazing how you over come injuries and it doesn't even seem to effect your skating! I can't wait till your part in the @planbofficial video!! Give it your all!
jerxmepowers 1355867674
T.PUDS is awesome \m/ keep rollin man :)
quietsam 1355869179
Your my insperation,ive looked up to you since i was 12 and im too hyped to watch your PlanB part @toreypudwill1
nsonneby1 1355871447
Torey's got The style!
patrick.gallagher 1355879579
Can u hook me up with grizzle
erikewell 1355883761
Torey i can relate man. Ive had two major surgeries this this year, one being life threatening. Its all about staying strong. Your an inspiration bro.
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