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New P2 board available at the Plan B store! http://bit.ly/PlanB-Store<http://bit.ly/Urban-Ops> #planb #urbanops #planbseries @planbofficial

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weedouttheweak1 1364918259
I have this and the layers are coming apart...... Doesn't really make sense since plan b is the only board I ride and in fact ladds are the only ones outta them that I skate!
kevilynn_29 1375214960
I have one love it it holds my frend he is 300 pounds
adskating 1382297206
i have the Sheckler P2 deck
cameron___ladd 1385332499
I had this deck
still_gust 1389132516
oscarrlane 1389475583
I have this deck @pjladd and shredded it hard man! Lasted a while i paid 110 AUS $ for the deck on its own
arod_831 1398916759
Just got ur P2 lighter board for my bday 👍. @pjladd
veggie661 1399181953
Still got that beard @pjladd ?
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