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Helping me get through the painful part of physical therapy today. Thanks @jbannon

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Andrew Cannon
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teshawnsb 1355764209
Whats that? @andrewcannon666
snuggledouglas 1355764601
@andrewcannon666 album is amazing! Perfect for your situation. Hope you recover soon. I'd like to come out and skate w you man!!
andrewcannon 1355767037
@teshawnsb give it a listen... @snuggledouglas fuckkkkk yesssssss
teshawnsb 1355773488
I'll check it out. Just realized it was a song haha! @andrewcannon666
snuggglife 1361525225
@andrewcannon666 I tore my acl last year, after surgery and a week from hell (not the cool slayer, marduk, mayhem type of hell) I put on this record and everything seemed okay. Best part about it is the simplicity of the meaning of such a beautiful song. (Brennan's dog passing away) anyway, cheers to healing buddy!
andrewcannon 1361570181
@snuggglife I totally agree. It really hits home for me because I travel so much and just the lyrics "while I was on the road learning to survive" get me. I feel like a lot of it is super applicable to my wife and dogs and my family as well. I thought about getting it tattooed on me, but only time will tell. This album has been instrumental in my recovery this far too. When did you get your surgery?
snuggglife 1361570963
I totally understand why that'd be so relatable. I'd imagine you travel quite a bit. The line that hits the hardest, personally, is the 'to the whole in my heart and the weight in the air', being clinically depressed and dealing with stress. (We've all been there) I had surgery the last week of September, tore it in August. They gave me a 9 month stretch on when I could skate. To any skateboarder that's the saddest news ever, haha. How's recovery coming along @andrewcannon666 ? P.S. that guitar riff in 'Veins and Veils' gets me so fucking amped, haha.
snuggglife 1361571313
Also, I'm thinking of getting the title tattooed as well, calf or inner bicep for sure. Totally the first thought after the first few listens haha. @andrewcannon666
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