Photo from mfdoon

9 out of 10 hotel rooms in Tampa are a murder scene. Right @d__bong @kyle_bob @tumyeto #bringthayellowtape #TampaAm

mfdoon 1355624659
paulzitzer 1355625304
Kool Aid Man R.I.P.
tumyeto 1355629619
Kool Aid Man got fucked up in Tampa this year @paulzitzer I think the Ashley Gables mob got em @mfdoon
tumyeto 1355629702
@trevcolden it even happens in the "nice" hotels
trevorcolden 1355635328
Damn dude!! @tumyeto
d__bong 1355655563
True dat! Tampa is full of memories weather you see red or not!!
d__bong 1355655596
Was that in your room? @mfdoon
mfdoon 1355693105
Yes @d__bong #tampastrife
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