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Saw this Robert Zimmerman tape today on the ground after I had already been listening to Modern times all morning. Got the whole discography spinning now. #bobdylan #thankyou

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donalex420 1355615102
@mccranker it's a shame no one knows who bob is at my school
marcjohnson 1355615496
He's good. Real good. @mccranker
mccranker 1355616025
@alexgarc18 to each there own but yeah I guess Drake's tight too. #yolo 😉
mccranker 1355616103
@marcjohnson_ truth.
marcjohnson 1355617096
@squirre1mast3r Idiot Wind is the name of my band-group. We sample farts and mix them in the studio with chick vocals. Shits hot. Literally. 🔥💩💨
derekemery 1355617501
@marcjohnson_ 100%
schlaussage 1355623753
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