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Photo from mccranker

My deepest sympathies go out to the families and anyone affected in this and so many other terrible deaths and injuries caused by gun violence. #guncontrol #iloveleematasi

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mlmwj 1355552389
@marcjohnson_ It's terrifying to know its all by design too. Instead of harnessing and promoting this knowledge that would serve the greater good, they've manipulated and suppressed it to make people sheep. I do feel we're at a tipping point in humanity. Either we collectively enter a stage of enlightenment globally or the experiment ends abruptly and chaotically. Time will tell.
marcjohnson 1355559077
@mattjenney Yes, Timeline 1 or Timeline 2.... 👀👍
mike_shaw_photo 1355570482
@marcjohnson_ you are truly an amazing person. I've been a fan since I first watched both Tilt mode videos as well as Modus Operandi. Anyways, what do you think could truly curb this issue? There are so many variables involved.
markkuperkele 1355576753
@marcjohnson_ @fgerer i have to admit im not sure about jones but you should definitly check out chris hedges! One of the biggest intellectual of our time. Pulitzer price winner and also worked 10 years for the ny time before quitting by own convictions. He refers a lot to the american philosopher sheldon wolin and his inverted totalitarism theory. His book ''death of the liberal class'' is awesome
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