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Max Schaaf

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You're #1. This one goes out to the weatherman and rain on the weekend. #butididgettoskatelastnight #knucklehead #engraving #emotionalrescue

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Max Schaaf
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forward_m0ti0n 1355528471
Knuckle up!
jrscycleproducts 1356031929
Max, email me your address. I have something here u may like. Oh and your t-shirt size. Chprs4life@hotmail.com
jrscycleproducts 1356044207
4q69 1356046181
@chprs4life on it right now man. Just got home.
mikey_ 1356481571
When you will have more t shirts? I never seem to get lucky enough to buy them when they are online!
4q69 1356580128
@mikey_ hopefully end of jan. sorry u missed em. Next time
mattjackson13 1361396036
Happy bday dude
4q69 1361396343
@mattjackson13 thanks dude!
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