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Mike Anderson

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You know this kid? He robbed @jokers_skate_shop He's a coward and a crook. Do the right thing and contact @jokers_skate_shop or myself with and info on this scum of the earth. Let's find this fucker!!! Thank you.

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Mike Anderson
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tommyguerrero 1355464024
joshbong_wong 1355466850
Straight up this kid should be turned in after quick beating @joronomo19
jpvanbeesel 1355469114
"GET 'EM''
barry_mykocknher 1355470815
Is he African
bouillot 1355483908
What a scum
shredtown89 1355483925
Looks like he had two lazy eyes maybe he thought he was at walgreens or sumthing
sleepthereaper 1355493170
Deserves a beat down just on the fact that he was to stupid to wear a mask, you always wear a mask lol
sleepthereaper 1355493330
And if you really love skateboarding you would never jack a shop, unless its zumiez, FUCK ZUMIEZ there corporate asses can at least recover from the loss of product, but a locally owned shop man? That's fucked
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