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Rest in peace to my good homie Erik Borboa. He is a solid dude and always had everyones back. He lived life to the fullest. This goes to show life is obviously too short to hate. I love everyone. Erik save me a seat wherever you are homie. Love you fool

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_coltrane 1355463220
Sorry for your loss, homie. @nuge666
wildjita 1355464572
Dahm man that's fuckin sucks !!!!! Sorry to hear that
flip_gcode 1355465103
kkleena 1355466142
So nuts! Can't believe it... Stay strong all of you ❤
calisaga 1355470645
Miss you buddy, see you on the other side my friend. You R the best
jungle_rot_ 1355526228
evilpork666 1355531645
Hey don are there any updates on a funeral or anything?
jaredleeling 1355548995
What happened to him how did he die?
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